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The most romantic time in Sun Moon Lake is the beginning of each year as it’s the season when cherry blossoms bloom. There are cherry blossoms everywhere – the scenery of pink flowers contrasting with blue skies, greenery, clear lake, and verdant mountains evokes a colorful oil painting of nature, immersing you in a soothing and relaxing atmosphere.

There are over 5,000 cherry blossom trees planted in the grounds of Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village. This year’s Cherry Blossom Festival will launch a variety of fun activities. At the Taiwan First Night Cherry Blossom Event (2/10-3/3), visitors may pick up a free lantern as they follow the festival guide and dancers in a parade to enjoy cherry blossoms at night. There are also other performances such as Taiko Drums Ushering Spring, Cherry Blossom Country Folk Songs, Night Dancing Festival, Yosaki Flash Mob Dance, etc. In addition, there will be a Cherry Blossom Fair (2/1-3/10), Cherry Blossom Tea Party (2/16-3/1), Cherry Blossom Feast (2/24), and the "Literature and Coffee and Tea Chat" (2/28).

The National Chi Nan University is also planning a Cherry Blossom Viewing Tea Party, and coffee tasting activity. Visitors are invited to sample great tea and enjoy cherry blossoms amidst thousands of cherry blossom trees. In addition, businesses in Nantou will hold a Wa Bao Market during the periods of 2/10-2/18, 2/24-2/25, and 2/28-3/3. This market will have stalls featuring local goods and flavors, making the cherry blossom viewing event not only beautiful, but also fun and tasty!

Furthermore, the "Cherry Blossom Biking Tours", organized by Nantou County’s Taomi Agricultural Leisure Area, has a special raffle drawing. As long as you enroll in any of the biking events during this period, and complete the entire bike route, you will automatically receive a "Cherry Blossom Biking raffle ticket", limited to one raffle ticket per person. You will have a chance to win big prizes, such as an Apple Watch Series 9, and an accommodation voucher at the Sun Moon Lake Teacher’s Hostel. There are limited prizes available, so please register early! The three bike routes planned for this event are National Chi Nan Universtiy Cherry Blossom Forest, Dong Guang Cherry Blossom Forest, and Sun Moon Lake. Also, there are special attractions planned along each bike route to visit. Register quickly online, and plan a unique cherry blossom trip for yourself and your friends.