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Sun Moon Lake Cherry Blossom Season – Spend a Romantic New Year with Visitors

    Every year in the beginning of spring is the cherry blossom season, and it’s also the most romantic time in Sun Moon Lake. Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, National Chi Nan University, Yidashao Lake Side Trail, Ci’en Pagoda, Jinlong Mt. Trail, Stone Buddha (Shi Fu) Park, Shiang-Cha Lane and You-Shui Lane in Yuchi Township, and Guang-Fu Lane in Xinyi Township are the places that are expecting cherry blossoms to bloom starting in February. This will add a pink hue to the verdant Sun Moon Lake mountains.

    Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village will roll out a series of activities aimed to celebrate the Cherry Blossom Festival. Besides the Taiwan First Night Cherry Blossom event (2/6-3/5), there are also a variety of activities, such as Taiko Drum Spring Welcoming, Sakura Folk Songs, DaVu Dance, Yosaki Dance Flash Mob, Strolling in Kimono, Picnic Under Cherry Blossom Trees, Cherry Blossom Market, and Hanami toys stalls, etc. Visitors will be able to participate in these activities as if they are in Japan, without travelling the distance, to satisfy their crave for the Japanese cultural experience. On weekends, there will also be Cherry Blossom Tea Party (2/10-2/24), Sakura Dining Menu (2/10), and “A Dialog Between Literature and Coffee” (2/18).

    This year the Taomi Agricultural Leisure Area in Nantou County will roll out the “Cherry Blossom Bike Tour” event, which includes the following 3 bike routes – Chi Nan University Cherry Blossom Forest, Dongguang Cherry Blossom Forest, and Sun Moon Lake You-Shui Lane. Each route is carefully planned to include visiting local attractions such as famous scenic spots, tea tasting at Jin Xian Lian, and experience a flow cage ride. These activities will offer visitors a deeper understanding of the beauty and culture of this land. All activities are available for online registration. Sign up now and plan a unique cherry blossom tour for yourself and your family and friends.

    In addition, there will be other wonderful and highly recommended itineraries and various activities that local businesses will roll out. The “Jinlongshan Sunrise Picnic Fun” is a tour guided by a professional trainer, who will lead everyone along Cherry Blossom Road at dawn and hike up to Mt. Jinlong to see the sunrise. Once you reach the top, you will enjoy a healthy breakfast while you admire the magnificent sea of clouds and sunrise. The “You-Shui Lane Cherry Blossom Road Guided Tour” is led by a local tour guide, who takes you on a leisure stroll on You-Shui Lane off Cherry Blossom Road in Sun Moon Lake and taste Sun Moon Lake black tea. The Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Headquarters will also collaborate with local businesses and roll out a variety of cherry blossom seasonal great deals that meet the needs of cherry blossom viewing visitors in food, accommodation, travel, and shopping. The goal is to allow visitors to experience Sun Moon Lake’s diversity from various angles, while enjoying the Cherry Blossom Festival!