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The Most Beautiful Cherry Blossom Season Debuts End of January in Sun Moon Lake

  The season of spring blooms will be upon us soon, and each year at the end of January is the time when pink cherry blossoms bloom brilliantly in the mountains of Sun Moon Lake to give visitors a warm welcome. The beautiful cherry blossom scenery awaits all of you to pay a visit and enjoy. Within the area are 8 attractions to view cherry blossoms: Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, National Chi Nan University, Ita Thao Lakeside Trail, Ci’en Pagoda Trail, Mt. Jinlong Trail, Xiangcha Lane in Yuchi Township, Youshui Lane in Yuchi Township, and Guangfu Lane in Xinyi Township.

  A series of Sun Moon Lake Cherry Blossom events will also unfold in the end of January. The Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village Cherry Blossom Festival is the largest, and the longest running cherry blossom viewing event in Taiwan. From January 30 to March 7, there will be a cherry blossom fair and Taiko performances every day. In addition, from February 6 to March 7 there will also be cherry blossom folk song performances.

  National Chi Nan University is also an important location to enjoy cherry blossoms in the central region. Events for the Cherry Blossom Festival will start on February 2, and end on March 14. Activities include cherry blossom viewing tea party, picnic, music and dance, and coffee tasting, which will definitely make the Sun Moon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival colorful and lively.