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Sun Moon Lake Cherry Blossom Season – Spend a Romantic New Year with Visitors

    Blooming cherry blossoms signal that the Sun Moon Lake Cherry Blossom Season is approaching. The beginning of each lunar new year is the cherry blossom season, and it’s the most romantic time in Sun Moon Lake. Cherry blossoms are everywhere, whether in the reflection of the clear water in the lake or on top of mountains. The light pink flowers enhanced by the blue sky and green field evoke a colorful canvas painting of nature, creating a soothing atmosphere.

    The Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village has a series of activities to celebrate the cherry blossom season. Besides the Taiwan First Night Cherry Blossom Happiness Lighting Event (2/6-3/6), there will also be Taiko Drum Welcome New Year event, Cherry Blossom Folk Songs, Cherry Blossom Fair, and Yukata (Japanese cotton summer kimono) wearing. These activities allow visitors to feel like they’re in Japan in mere minutes and satisfy their desire to travel abroad. During the long holiday period, there will be Cherry Blossom Tea Ceremony (2/18 & 3/4), and the Coffee & Literature Dialogue (2/26). It’s quite romantic and relaxing to read some poems and sip some coffee while sitting in the shades of cherry blossom trees.

    There are other wonderful activities planned for the Cherry Blossom Season, such as cherry blossom viewing tea ceremony that features cherry blossom, tea ceremony, and coffee (1/28), and coffee tasting (2/12). We welcome everyone to join us to taste good tea and enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms. From February 1st to the 28th, the local businesses in Nantou will create a Geigei Market to feature local specialties. Visitors will not only have great cherry blossom viewing activities, but also have delicious food and great fun!

    In addition, the Cherry Blossom Trail Bike Tour, organized by Nantou County’s Taomi Agricultural Leisure Area, have 3 bike routes: Puli – The Heart of Taiwan, Dongguang Cherry Blossom Forest, and Zhongxing Cultural and Creative Park in Caotun. Each route is carefully designed to include featured attractions, local cuisine, and DIY experience, etc. Visitors will definitely be able to feel the beauty and humanity of this area!