Sun Moon Lake Electric Boat Policy Description

Organization Origin

Boat trips around the lake are a vital tourism event for Sun Moon Lake. Currently, passenger vessels used on the lake are driven by diesel engines, where along with large horsepower and high speed, noise follows. Direct pollution such as vibrations, water quality and air pollution, together with indirect impacts including the side slopes of the reservoir being washed away due to excessive boat speed, in turn results in indirect negative effects such as water and soil loss of the side slopes and the violation of Sun Moon Lake’s slow travel tourism development strategy.


On February 8th, 2009, President Ma indicated that Sun Moon Lake should advance to become a green low-carbon lake and to develop sustainable tourism conforming to the international energy-saving and carbon-reduction trend. This will stimulate the development of the domestic electric eco-friendly industry chain, and thus support was provided to the Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration to complete the “Promotion of Electric Boats Action Strategy Proposal for Sun Moon Lake” and the “Subsidy Key Points for the Development of Electric Passenger Vessels for Sun Moon Lake” in 2012.

Project Content

  • Subsidized Items: Subsidize existing diesel boats for conversion or additional installation of electric motor systems, meaning that these vessels may adopt free combinations of three power models including a pure electric power system, hybrid electric power system and a fuel oil charging system, which are all incorporated in the subsidized items. Moreover, for those who purchase new electric boats, the hull may also be subsidized, and those adopting catamarans may receive more hull subsidies.
  • Incentive Supporting Measures: Including boat rental promotions, ticket window rental promotions, priority to use the repair jetty, transportation vessel application promotions and assistance in marketing promotions…etc., with a total of as much as NT$170 thousand overall in supporting measure benefits per year.
  • Planned Performance for Construction of Charging System and Public Repair Jetty
    1. Enhancement of carbon-reduction effect
    2. Enhancement of industry and tourism efficiency
    3. Enhancement of efficiency of facility maintenance

Sun Moon Lake Charging System

  • Global Pioneer:Based on the consideration of advanced electric boat designs with chargers from electric vehicles already certified as the ideal referential example for green operation.
  • Boat and Vehicle All-in-One:Trial operation of the Toyota IQ electric vehicle and electric boat, where both appear to be independent cases, yet both apply the same open standard system, as this has already reserved a better integrative concept.
  • National Image:Advanced electric boat demonstration operations have established the model image for visiting guests.
  • Green Environmental Protection:Pollution-free and quieter running conveys the message of a harmonious coexistence with the green earth.
  • High-Efficiency Energy Transformation:Capable of providing over 90% of energy transformation efficiency, conducive in the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions as well as saving energy.
  • Protective Mechanism:The charger will not put out any electricity before the charging gun is accurately connected to the electric boat, and the charger will terminate charging if interference occurs during the charging process.