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Sun Moon Lake Bikeway

Cycling Along the Lake on the Road 30kmVisitors can enjoy the view of the lake by cycling along it. You can start from Shuishe and cycle on the lakeside path to the Ita Thao direction. The length of the tour is about 30 kilometers.


  • Sun Moon Lake Bikeway —Xiangshang 3km:This bikeway connects Shuishe and Xiangshang Visitor Center. Along this bikeway, you will pass by the famous 0.4km ‘Bikeway above the water’ where you will see Shuishe Dam, the Sun Moon Lake water outlet port, and Yongjietongxin(to be of one heart forever) Bridge in between. There is also the Xiangshang Viewing Platform, built with steel, creating a suspension bridge feeling for visitors while walking on it. The hollowed-out design of this platform allows visitors to glance around Sun Moon Lake from above.
  • Sun Moon Lake Bikeway-Moon Lake 3.4kmStarting from Xiangshan Administration, you go along the southern coast of the Moon Lake and pass Toushe Dam, New Moon Bay, and Huantan Tunnel 1.
  • Toushe Bikeway 1kmStarting from Tai 21 Highway, the whole bikeway is rebuilt based on the agricultural road with a short length of 1 kilometer, presenting the local agricultural scenery.
  • Checheng-Shuili BikewayStarting from Checheng Visitor Center, the path goes along Shuili River where you can enjoy the fascinating forest view.
  • Jiji Around-the-Town BikewayThis bikeway is divided by the 'Jiji Riverside Line','Jiji Green Tunnel line', and 'Jiji Town-sightseeing line' with a total length of about 20.8 kilometers. It connects Jiji Green Tunnel, Jiji Rail Station, Endemic Species Research Institute, and Ming Hsing Academy together.


  • Hanbi Trail 1.5km: This trail passes a few historic sites, including Meihe Park, Christian Church, Yule Pavilion, and sentries.
  • Shuishe Lakeside Trail 3.5km: This trail connects Shuishe and Wenwu Temple with the magnificent scenic lake and mountains along the way.
  • Neihu Mountain Trail 1.5km: This trail is built behind Wenwu Temple with a Chinese fir forest and bamboo forest along the way, creating a nostalgic atmosphere.
  • Steps of Year at Wenwu Temple 0.2km: Each step represents a birthday of a different celebrity. You can also find your own birthday steps.
  • Songbolun Hiking Trail 1.3km: An old trail where Thao people used to transport salt; it has rich ecology.
  • Dazhuhu Trail 0.18km: You can get closer to the Sun Moon Lake water outlet port and enjoy Dazhuhu’s sunset.
  • Shuiwatou Trail 0.6km: The frog pyramid built by the lake serves as an indicator of how much rain the areas has gotten.
  • Ita Thao Lakeside Trail 2.4km: Starting from Ita Thao Pier, this trail leads to the cable car station and Butterfly Park.
  • Shuishe Great Mountain Trail 5.6km: Situated at 2,059 meters above the sea level, it takes 8 hours to travel back and forth on this trail.
  • Tutingzai Hiking Trail 0.6km: This trail is located at the old resident site of the Thao tribe. There is the smallest, but tallest, mini lighthouse by the end of the trail.
  • Ci'en Pagoda Trail 0.4km: This trail is surrounded by flowers and trees, making it a picturesque area. Visitors can enjoy views of Sun Moon Lake from the top of a hill.
  • Qinglong Mountain Trail 0.85km: Starting from Xuanguang Temple Pier, visitors are able to arrive at Xuanzhuang Temple after passing the Xuanguang Temple.
  • Houjian Mountain Trail 6km: Situated at 1,006 meters, this trail is on one of the smaller high mountains.
  • Toushe Reservoir Ecological Hiking Trail 1.6km: This trail runs along the smallest reservoir in the country. The trail connects Toushe reservoir, the Lake-cycling ecological footway, and Shanlongkeng suspension bridge.
  • Maolan Mountain Trail 3km: Visitors can explore the view of the black tea terrace, willows, and Sun Moon Lake along the way and also go to the top to overlook Chiufener mountain and Jiji mountain.
Xiangshan Administration & Visitors Center

Xiangshan Administration & Visitors Center

The Xiangshan Administration & Visitors Center officially opened on Feb. 25, 2011, after seven years of construction. This is the new home of the Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration. This internationally-renowned avant garde building is designed by a Japanese architect, Dan Norihiko. The uniquely-designed building is based on a concept of embracing Sun Moon Lake and blending into the surrounding environment. The slope sods lead visitors to the top and the arc-shaped design creates harmony between the building itself and nature. The design of the roofs of both buildings allows visitors to have enough space to overlook the Sun Moon Lake. The interior design and the surrounding landscape made of waterscape, sods, and exposed concrete create a perfect space between people and nature. There are a number of exhibition halls inside the building. For instance, ‘Love at Sun Moon Lake’ gathers a variety of featured industries, such as pottery, timber, liquor, black tea, and agricultural products from Puli, Shuili, Jiji, and Sinyi. A gallery combines tourism with culture and holds displays with different themes every season. Sun Moon Gallery introduces Sun Moon Lake’s nature, culture, and history. The Multimedia Briefing Room regularly plays 3D and HD Blue-ray discs about Sun Moon Lake every day.

Transportation Information

With the service provided by Taiwan Tour Bus, round-the-lake bus, yacht sailing tour and cable car, you can see Sun Moon Lake from different angles.


Sun Moon Lake Travel Package

Visitors can take advantage of the Sun Moon Lake Travel Package to fully plan their tour with many coupons of Taiwan Tour Bus, Sun Moon Lake Cable Car, Round-the-lake bus, Yacht tour, bicycle-rental and electric motor car-rental as well as different economical price offers at the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village and local souvenir shops.

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Bus

  • Sun Moon Lake Line : Taichung Gancheng Station →Taichung Train Station→HSR Taichung Wurih Station→(National Freeway 6)→Puli Visitors Center →Puli Ailan Bridge→National Chi Nan University→Taomi Village→ Seshui Community→Yuchi →Antique Assam Tea Farm→Shuishe

Access Road to Sun Moon Lake

  • Taichung - Sun Moon Lake Shuttle Bus (Puli) : Taichung Gancheng Station→Taichung Train Station→HSR Taichung Wurih Station →(National Freeway 6)→Puli →Yuchi (Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village) →Shuishe
  • Sun Moon Lake - Xiangshan-Checheng Line : Shuishe→ Xiangshan Visitors Center→ Toushe→Shuili Snake Kiln→ Shuili Train Station→ Checheng
  • ◎Sun Moon Lake - Alishan Line : Shuishe→ Xiangshan Visitors Center→ Toushe→ Sinyi Fanner's Association→ Heshe→ Tatacha→ Alishan
  • Sun Moon Lake - Dongpu Line : huishe →Dingkan→ Sinyi →Sinyi Farmer's Association → Heshe→ Dongpu
  • Sun Moon Lake - Dongpu Line : huishe →Dingkan→ Sinyi →Sinyi Farmer's Association → Heshe→ Dongpu
    Nantou Bus / Taichung Gancheng Station:886-4-22256418 Puli Main Station:886-49-2996147 Puli Transfer Station:886-49-2984031 Shuishe Station:886-49-2856879
    Yuanlin Bus / Shuili Station 886-49-2770041



  • Sun Moon Lake - Jiji Line : Ershui→Jiji→ Shuili→Checheng


Bus Transportation

  • Taipei →Sun Moon Lake
    Kuo-Kuang Motor Transportation Company:886-2-23123413 Puli Station:886-49-2982131
  • Taichung→Yuchi→Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village
    Ren-yeou Bus:886-4-2255166


Shuttle Boat

Visitors can take boats in a clockwise or counter-clockwise directions. Shuttle boats sail between Shuishe Pier, Ita Thao Pier, and Xuanguang Pier. Tickets for Yacht tours of the lake are available at the Ticket Office with the sign of the Shuttle Yacht.

  • Operation Time/ 09:00~17:00( (every 15 to 30 minutes )
  • Departure locations/Shuishe Pier, Ita Thao Pier, and Xuanguang Temple Pier
    Please buy your tickets at the Ticket Office to protect your rights.
    Sun Moon Lake Yacht Association:886-49-2856428
Electric-powered buses

Round-the-lake tour bus

  • Shuishe→ Chaowu Pier→Zhushi Park (Bamboo Rock Garden)→Wenwu Temple → Songbolun Hiking Trail → Dazhuhu Trail →Shuiwatou Trail → Cable car station → Tutingzai Hiking Trail→Xuanzang Temple→Xuanguang Temple

Sun Moon Lake - Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village Cable Car (Ropeway)

  • Departure location and destination: Sun Moon Lake (near Ita Thao)→ Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village (Observatory tower)
  • Operation hours: 10:30-16:00 on weekdays and 10:00-16:30 on weekends and holidays
  • Cable car station 886-49-2850666
  • Cable car maintenance days: The ropeway service is not available on the first Wednesday of each month.
Sun Moon Lake - Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village Cable Car (Ropeway)

Bicycle-rental Service

  • Giant Bicycle Service Station (Delight Mall) 886-49-2856713
  • Merida Bicycle Service Station (Xiangshan)886-49-2856558
  • Merida Bicycle Service Station (Zhongxing) 886-49-2855295


Eco-friendly tourist trip: Sun Moon Lake E-ticket for traveling

A one-day ticket entitles visitors to make good use of a variety of transportation, such as Taiwan Tour Buses, cable cars, around-the-lake-buses, and bikes, to explore Sun Moon Lake. Moreover, this ticket also provides four different packages for visitors to have fun at Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village and other local shops with discounts. Visitors can plan their ideal trip in Sun Moon Lake with just one ticket.

  1. Sun Moon Lake Taiwan Tour Bus Package - Base package 390 元
  2. Sun Moon Lake Taiwan Tour Bus Package - Lohas package 600 元
  3. Sun Moon Lake Taiwan Tour Bus Package - Taiwan Tour Bus Package 710 元
  4. Sun Moon Lake Taiwan Tour Bus Package - Top-tier Package 1020 元


Service Centers

  • Taichung Gancheng Station:No.35-8,Section 1, Shuangshi Rd.,Central Dist, Taichung City Tel:886-4-22256418
  • HSR Taichung Station: HSR Station 1st Floor Exit 5 Nantou Bus Tel:886-4-36018665
  • Sun Moon Lake Station: No. 163, Zhongshan Rd.,Yuchi Township,Nantou County Tel:886-49-2856879
  • Puli Station: No. 338,Zhongzheng Rd.,Puli Township,Nantou County Tel:886-49-2996147
  • Qingjing Travel Agency (Purchase by mail, and enjoy free delivery if you order more than 2 packages): No.18-2,Zhongzheng 4th Rd.,Puli Township, Nantou County Tel:886-49-2983589
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