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Make a wish

The aura at Sun Moon Lake attracts eastern and western religious practitioners and spiritual followers to gather here. It is a peaceful and comforting place to be. So if you feel stressed from your busy life, why not pay a visit to one of these organizations to pray and meditate. At the same time, you may enjoy learning about different religions and admiring the beautiful architecture.

Wenwu Temple
Matchmaker Temple

Ask for blessing 

Wenwu Temple is devoted to the God of Literature, the God of War, and Confucius.


Xuanzang Temple is devoted to worshipping the remains of the Buddhist monk Xuanzang and the golden Sakyamuni Buddha.


Xuanguang Temple is devoted to worshipping of the relics of the Buddhist monk Xuanzang.


Matchmaker Temple was moved from Lalu Island to Longfeng Temple. You can come here to pray for love.

Getting married on this wonderland

Sun Moon Lake is known as a 'honeymoon lake' and a 'lovers lake.' It’s common to see people coming here for their wedding photos. Good locations for taking wedding photos are: Xiangshan Administration, Lakeside Trail, Shuishe Pier, Matchmaker Temple in Longfeng Temple, and Maolan Mountain Trail Shuishe Dam, Christian Church, Meihe Park, Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, and Zhushi Park (Bamboo and Stone park).

Getting married on this wonderland

Along the nostalgic railway

Get on the train and immerse yourself in the scenery of the rice fields and green trees.

Jiji Rail Station

Boarding the Jiji line train at Ershui in Changhua, it passes Jiji and Zhuoshui before arriving at Checheng. This railway has satisfied demands at different times. It was used to transport the facilities of the hydropower plants. Jiji station used to be the main area producing sucrose and camphor tablets. Due to the increasing popularity of bicycle activities, the Jiji town-sightseeing bikeway has connected Jiji Rail Station, Green Tunnel, Endemic Species Research Institute, Wuchang Palace, Ming Hsing Academy, and Muzih Kiln together so that visitors can take their time to enjoy the local view.


Shuili is another attraction along the railway. Shuili was the center of business during the logging period. The Shuili Snake Kiln details the history of Taiwan's pottery industry and also offers good educational experiences for tourists. The destination of the railway, Checheng, is a very important transfer station for the timber business, and has turned into a nostalgic leisure town. The timber-storing pool, Logging Exhibition Hall, the old dormitory site, and timber experience activities inside the shopping center all offer visitors a great opportunity to indulge in the glory of the flourishing timber business.