Experience an ecological tour

Give yourself a day off to relax and enjoy a fascinating ecological tour.

With enriched ecological resources, Sun Moon Lake provides visitors different charms at all seasons. Every year in early spring around February, Sun Moon Lake is embraced by cherry blossoms in full bloom. The Cherry Blossom Festival is celebrated with a series of cherry-related events, such as an evening cherry-viewing activity in Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village and a tea party held by National Chi Nan University. In recent years, Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village also have been holding weddings during the cherry blossom blooming season, creating a romantic atmosphere surrounded by rich ecological resources. When it comes to summer, twinkles of fluorescent lights can be seen at night. Visitors are highly recommended to take advantage of the firefly season. The 'Valley Firefly Appreciation' activity is held every year with a variety of ecological tours in many areas, including Tao-Mi village in Puli Township, Shuishe area in Sun Moon Lake, and Tan-nan area in Sinyi Township. Midsummer is the ideal season to linger on for colorful butterflies. Tao-Mi village and Bamboo Rock Garden Ecological Research both provide a series of butterfly-viewing packages led by professional tour guides to experience the secret and pleasure of nature activities here.

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Sun Moon Lake Travel Learning Center

After being abolished, Guangming Elementary School has been turned into a 'new learning campus' to hold camping and a variety of activities. Combining the resources from eight different schools, this Sun Moon Lake Learning Center compiles the ecological and local humanity resources into courses. Therefore, visitors can get to know more local culture through the tour.


Bamboo Rock Garden Ecological Research Center in Sun Moon Lake

The Bamboo Rock Garden Ecological Research Center, a significant ecological and educational park, provides ecological tours, environmental education, and training activities based on a number of themes, such as a wonderland of bamboo and stone, butterfly ecology, and DIY activities. There are random package tours and DIY activities at all seasons. Apart from these activities, visitors can also fin secluded accommodation and a comfortable place for activities here.


Bamboo Rock Garden Ecological Research Center