Two-day LOHAS Trip to Taomi Ecological Industry

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Contact No.: Taomi Agri-Tourism Area Promotion Association, 886-49-2911591

Taomi Community Development Association, 886-49-2918030

Paper Dome New Homeland Learning Park Area, 886-49-2914922 ext. 21-23 for Learning Team

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“Chenggong follows after Taomi!” Taomi - Chenggong Low-carbon Mini-tour

“Chenggong follows after Taomi!” Taomi - Chenggong Low-carbon Mini-tour:


Ride on electric bicycle for a slow tour and enjoy the fun of picnic in the breeze with the guidance from the ecological tour guide. Observe fluttering damselflies and butterflies in the wetland overflowing with vitality, experience the beauty of biodiversity. At night, experience the simple aesthetics of the Paper Dome, as well as the public benefit fulfillment of social enterprises; stay at characteristic B&B in Taomi, have a romantic encounter with the frog prince.

Listen to the mountain birds singing at dawn; chat about the development traces of Hakka ancestors under the banyan tree. Wander freely amongst the rare stones of Jhongguakeng River to begin an intimate conversation with the nature.

Chenggong (neighborhood) follows after Taomi (neighborhood). Let us walkthrough Nantou together to look at stories between people and land!


Please contact the Paper Dome New Homeland Learning Park Area at 886-49-2914922 ext. 21-23 for Learning Team.

Taomi – Gonghe Art Mini-tour

Taomi – Gonghe Art Mini-tour:


Encounter art through journeys.

Neijiadao Settlement in Yuchi Township is an indigenous township with primitive art, and it is also the secret hideout yearned by urban people to escape from the bustling world. The wind and soil of Neijiadao are the nutrients for creations to farmer Yuan Lin, where his close to 10 thousand pieces of works on stone carvings, wood carvings as well as installation art encourage the later generations that “Everyone can be an artist”! Grandfathers and grandmothers of Neijiadao and Taomi inherited the spirit of primitive art, where they accumulated close to a century of local appearances based on life as the material and living as the portrayal.


Let us enjoy the happiness of stone carving creations, visit Yuan Lin’s stone house, grandma Chiu-Feng’s three section compound gallery, as well as grandma Taomi’s house, and stay over at B&B art gallery, allow art to settle our souls!


Please contact the Paper Dome New Homeland Learning Park Area at 886-049-2914922 ext. 21-23 for Learning Team.

Puli, Sun Moon Lake and Shueili Agri-Tourism Tours

Puli, Sun Moon Lake and Shueili Agri-Tourism Tours:


Experience local agriculture and see the beauty of farm village with leisurable mood.

Enjoy the journey of natural food ingredients in the farm village, feel the ecological Gonghe through traveling, create life memories with playful experiences.

Take strides to walk through characteristic agricultural tourisms in the periphery of Sun Moon Lake.


‧ Please contact Taomi Agri-Tourism Area Promotion Association at 886-49-2911591