Puli Outing – Cycling & Water Bamboo Shoot Mini Tour

1.Tour Duration: Half-day tour

2.Tour Fees: NT$780/person

3.Fees include the following content:

One bicycle from 545 Bike

Tour-guide fees

Insurance fees (please provide passport information)

Enjoy fresh and sweet water bamboo shoot

4.Event Program: Access bicycle from Puli 545 Bike → Tree King Temple → Longsheng Rd. Pathway → Nanhuan Rd. Tree Shade Path → Jhuzihshan Community → Best Water Bamboo Shoot Experience Area → Have one Puli Popsicle → Return bicycle to 545 Bike

5.Tour Characteristics:

◆ See: Crystal whiteness of water bamboo shoot, boundless beauty of green waves.

◆ Eat: Have a bite of the crisp and sweet water bamboo shoot.

◆ Listen: To the sound of the wind on Puli’s agricultural pathway and sound of treading water from farmers amongst the fields.

◆ Ride: Ride on bicycle from 545 Bike to go deep into the alleys with comfortable leisure.

◆ Fun: Harvesting water bamboo shoot experience is great fun, DIY farming together!

Puli Outing – Cycling & Water Bamboo Shoot Mini Tour