Dining and Loving Mountainous Town Trip for Two

How long was it since I last held your hand?

Walking in the most beautiful mountainous towns searching for gourmet meals and leaving sweet, lasting flavors. Let me fall in love with you once again~

Go! And let good things happen along the way!


Dining and Loving Mountainous Town Trip for Two

Suggested Itinerary

A. Checheng Station (take pictures along the track) → Experience being a carpenter at the Grove Taiwan → Chengshi Xintianmu Vegetarian Restaurant → Checheng Wood Industry Exhibition Hall → Wood storage pool → Wondering and enjoying gourmet at Wood Village (stinky tofu)

B. Roaming along Shuisalian Old Trail → Erping popsicle (Daguang Ice Shop) → A-Tsung Assorted Noodle → Shuili Snake Kiln Pottery Cultural Park

C. Rent bikes at Jiji Station → Minquan Avenue → Military History Park → Wuchang Temple → Dining at Jiji Old Street → 700-year-old Camphor → Hometown Linwei (experiencing natural food & farming)