Sun Moon Lake International Fireworks Festival

Events in October, November

The annual grand event series of “Sun Moon Lake International Fireworks-Music and Come! Bikeday Festival” at Sun Moon Lake will be held in the fall of every year, jointly organized by Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration, the performance groups, and non-governmental proprietors. Firstly, the event will be unveiled by group weddings, which are conducted in a lively yet solemn way, and will be combined with the Xiangshang Visitor's Center as well as peripheral scenic spots of Sun Moon Lake, together with three forms of transportation including Sun Moon Lake cable car, happy bus and love boat. It will then be followed by a sports contest, where visitors may participate with their family and friends. After the contest, one may listen to the moving music in the cool night of fall, while admiring the dazzling fireworks show up in the sky. Visitors are welcome to Sun Moon Lake to enjoy the performance from top bands as well as the beautiful fireworks while surrounded by the constantly changing sceneries of the mountains and the waters!

Sun Moon Lake Festival