There are 6 orders of fish in the Sun Moon Lake area, including 11 families and 24 species, including representative lake fishes like grass carp, Silver carp, and crucian, and representative river fishes like hollandi, Zaco barbata, and Pseudorasbora Parua. For the past years, freeing captured animals in the Sun Moon Lake area became more frequent, and people also brought in foreign fish. This has deeply impacted the aboriginal fish and may lead to their extinction.


Ji Zai Yu | Carassius auratus

Ji Zai Yu

Common Name:Ji Zai Yu, Ji Zai, Tu Ji.


Distribution:It is seen all over Sun Moon Lake, and with its great accommodating ability, it can live in all kind of waters.


Brief in Shape:It's compressed and has long body depth, a round abdomen, and a longer back fin base. Its back is silver gray and abdomen is silver white with a little bit yellow. Normal body length ranges from 10 to 15 centimeters.


Brief in Ecosystem:It shelters mostly in muddy shallow waters with disordered waterweeds. Polyphagia, its alevins eat mostly zooplanktons and the adults eat mostly segments of plants.

San Lian Zai | Candidia barbata

San Lian Zai

Common Name:San Lian Zai, Yi Zhi Hua


Distribution:All over the Sun Moon Lake region.


Brief in Shape:Taiwan particular species. On the male fish's body, the area ranging from the lower part of the head through the pectoral fin to the pelvic fin, are the same color red. Its total body length could reach from 15 to 18 centimeters, and the maximum at 20. It is frequently seen in the upper streams of rapid brooks or colder rivers.


Brief in Ecosystem:It mostly it shelters in the upper and middle streams or the tributaries and moves about at the lake ends, shoals, and the lake heads where water flows slower. It is a voracious eater and thus, fishermen can catch them easily in the streams.