Due to contrived development, there are mostly artificial forests or secondary forests left in Sun Moon Lake area. Primitive Plants are only visible on hills and in valleys. The vegetation aspects can be roughly divided into naturally broad-leaved forests, mixed forests, bamboos, man-made lands (Japan cedar forests), and orchards. Besides, that there are also numerous foreign plants here, as well as many domesticates.


Man Tou Guo | Glochidion rubrum Blum

Man Tou Guo

Distribution : Taiwan primitive.In plains to mountains of low to medium-elevations all over Taiwan.


Common Name : Man Tou Guo, Man Tou Luo, Xi Ye Chi Xie Zai.


Shapes and Features : Evergreen small-scaled tree.


Leaves : Alternate, thick leathery, obovate or oblong, entire margins.


Flowers : Monoecious, unisexual, pale yellowish-green.


Fruits : Capsule, flat. Purposes :Leaflet can heal rheumatism and neuralgia.

Shi Mu Cao | Urena lobata

Shi Mu Cao

Distribution : Growing along the roadsides, in abandoned places, it multiplies amazingly.


Alias : Shi Mu Cao, Xiao Fan Tian Hua, Slii Mu Zi. Shapes and Features :


Stem : Perennial subshrub, herbaceous; leaflets and petioles are covered with fine hairs.


Leaves : Ovate, orbicular or palmately compound.


Flowers : Upright with a pink solitary flower.


Fruits : Densely packed with stellar hairs and barbs, they are easily attached by human beings and animals and disperse everywhere.


Purposes : It can be prepared food, medicine, ropes and materials of wild plant fibers(bark).

Lantana camara |Lantana camara

Lantana camara

Distribution:Originated from Southern American, this naturalized plant was imported by Hollanders in 1645.Strong vitality, it is seen all over Taiwan.


Shapes and Features: Shrubs, rectangular branchlets.


Leaves : Palmately compound, opposite; paper-feel,fragrant branches and leaves.


Flowers : Small-scaled sympetalous flowers, upright and panicle, lightly purple florets.


Fruits : Black-brown drupes, diameter about 0.2 to 0.5 centimeters wide.


Purposes:Black dyes for teeth ofPaiwan aborigines. It blossoms throughout the year and is the important "nectar source plants" in low- elevation ecosystem.