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LOHAS Tribal Tour

LOHAS Tribal Tour

Travel days: 2 Days

Season: All Seasons

Category: Experiential Tour & Indigenous Tours & Environmental Education & Family Tour

Tour Focus: Ita Thao Pier Ita Thao Zhulu Market The Tannan Elementary School Hunter's Home The Shuanglung Waterfall Takmazuan Cultural and Arts Theatre


Can you hear the sounds of Ita Thao people stamping millet by Sun Moon Lake, and Bunun people singing pasibutbut by Zhuoshui River? The lake seems to play a musical chapter of cultural diversity, while the river plays a symphony of indigenous lives. Let’s visit the local tribes and be happy. Taste some delicious food and immerse in simple indigenous culture.

Most of the Ita Thao cultural and arts performances are held at Zhulu Market. At the market, visitors may also try indigenous food, take DIY handicrafts classes, buy farm produce, put on traditional indigenous garments and take photos, etc.

Most of the members of Takmazuan Art Troupe are indigenous Bunun. The troupe is the most active and professional singing and dance troupe among Tannan, Dili, and Shuanglong Tribes. It always presents to the audience the most outstanding and unique Bunun/Ita Thao performances.

Spring and summer are the seasons when nature awakens. If you have a car, take Highway 63 and explore Tannan, Dili and Shuanglong Tribes. Deep in the mountains, let’s learn about indigenous culture and natural ecology together.


Electric boat tour / tribal experience / accommodation

Ita Thao Cultural Development Association: 049-2850036
Takmazuan Art Troupe: +886-49-2741254
House of Hunters (reservations required for Bunun cultural and food tours): +886-49-2741497
Only a minimum of 6 participants are required for each tour in Bunun tribes. For more information, contact Mr. Sung at +886-9-88291863


1. Zhulu Market’s weekend performances are held at Ita Thao Pier’s wooden stage. In case of rain, they are held at the market instead. Three performances are held in a day, at 11:00, 15:00 and 17:00. On weekdays, only two are held, at 11:00 and 17:00. The performances are not available on Wednesdays.
2. Takmazuan Art and Performing Group also dedicates their performances at 14:00 on Saturdays and 13:30 on Sundays.
3. This itinerary is suitable for those who visit us by car.


Day 1:
Departure → Ita Thao Pier → Lake tour → Zhulu Market (singing and dance) → Ita Thao Shopping District (indigeous food) → Tannan Elementary School → Tannan Catholic Church → House of Hunters (indigenous Bunun experience) → Staying overnight at Shuanglong Tribe
Day 2:
St. Paul Church → Shuanglongzun Hiking Trail / Tianshi Wooded Trail → Shuanglong Waterfall → Bunun crafts DIY → Indigenous meals → Takmazuan Art Troupe (Dili Tribe / singing and dance) → Tushi Bay → Heihei Black Valley Suspension Bridge / Waterfall → Homecoming
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