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Checheng Railway Culture and Logging Industry Experience


Travel days: 1 day

Season: All Seasons

Category: Friendly Accessibility & Experiential Tour & Railway Tour & Hiking Tour & Elders’ Tour & Family Tour

Tour Focus: Checheng Station Wood-storing Pool Checheng Wood Museum The Grove Taiwan


Located on Taiwan’s Jiji Railway, Checheng Train Station is hailed as “the last station of the good old days.” Here, many precious objects relating to railway culture and the logging industry are on display. There are also demonstrations of railway tracks, platforms, and railway signs. Old train cars, considered as national heritage, can also be appreciated here. THere are even coal and water storages for steam locomotives and railway warehouses. At the back of the station, visitors can find refurbished station master’s rooms and staff dormitories from the Japanese Rule, as well as the relocated Zhunan Switch Tower. Railway legacy is definitely not in short supply here.

Checheng’s logging industry declined after the nationalist government banned logging. Today, the factory serves as a popular tourist attraction. The wood storage pool and “sky cars” (cranes that were used to transport logs) have been carefully repaired, and the pool has now become an “ecological pond.” The trail paved with wood by the pool is worth a walk. Feel moments of tranquility under maple trees, or take a rest in the tea house nearby. How relaxing this is!

Precious objects rescued from old industrial remains are now on display at the refurbished factory-turned-museum, for visitors to learn about the history and glory of Checheng’s logging industry.

After learning about Checheng’s railway culture and logging industry, don’t forget to try local food served in small buckets, and take a look at all sorts of woodware or join a DIY woodwork class. Make a woodcraft for yourself!


Public transport / DIY classes


1. If you bring your bicycles along, please place them in adequate bicycle bags. Passengers of Taiwan Tourist Shuttle and Sun Moon Lake Bus may bring their bicycles for free if the bikes are placed in bags. If they wish to put the bikes on seats, additional fees will be charged. Be fully equipped when you ride a bike, such as wearing helmets and gloves, and make sure you are in good health when you ride.
2. The Shuishe Dam section is paved with wood, and thus bicycling is forbidden. Please just carry your bicycle and walk through this path.
3. The roads along Yongjie Tongxin Bridge


Jiji Railway → Checheng Train Station → Hiking trail beside the wood storage pool → Logging industry museum → Linbandao Shopping District → Homecoming


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