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Sun Moon Lake Low-carbon Tour

Sun Moon Lake Low-carbon Tour


At the start of this journey, take Sun Moon Lake Line, Taiwan Tourist Shuttle first. After getting off at Sun Moon Lake Stop, take the round-the-lake bus to Sun Moon Lake Ropeway Station.

The ropeway looks like a pearl necklace and a smile in the air. Passengers can easily find “Smiling Valley” and Dazhu Lake, listed as one of the eight wonders of Sun Moon Lake, when looking down from ropeway cars.

Along Ita Thao Waterfront Hiking Trail, visitors can go to Ita Thao Shopping District, where they can try all kinds of indigenous food here and watch indigenous singing and dance, as a way to learn about Ita Thao culture.

In the early morning next day, take a walk along Hanbi Hiking Trail. Once an important place of foreign affairs, the trail has received countless overseas guests throughout the years. Chiang Kai-shek and his wife also often took a walk here when they were still alive. Along the trail, visitors can explore Meihe Garden, Chiang Kai-shek Pier, and Yule Pavilion. Yule Pavilion in particular formulates a “string of happiness” along with Lalu Island, Xuanguang Temple, Xuanzhang Temple, and Cien Pagoda.

§ The physically challenged should find someone to take the trail together, and enter/leave the trail from Sun Moon Lake Elders’ Edutainment Center.

Xiangshan Bicycle Path links up Shuishe and Xiangshan (visitor center). This path provides a unique experience of “walking on water.” You may also just walk along it. The path is hailed as one of the 10 most beautiful bicycle paths in the world.

Full of local culture, low-carbon and sustainable tourism destinations through the knowledge transfer of friendly environmental education increase the public's recognition and participation in sustainable actions.
Sustainability Objectives
There are three main categories: ecology and the environment, society and culture, and community and the economy.


Bicycle rentals / Public transport / Accommodation


1. We recommend using Sun Moon Lake Pass and elders’ pass.
2. Please visit Nantou Bus’ website for the latest timetables of Taiwan Tourist Shuttle and the round-the-lake bus.
3. Xiangshan Visitor Center provides accessible handcycles for free to visitors from 09:00 to 16:30. The handcycles must be returned on the day of rental, however, and only on the center’s meadow and plaza.
4. Muslim-friendly facilities, such as prayer rooms and washlets, are available at Xiangshan and Ita Thao Visitor Centers.


Day 1
Taichung (Sun Moon Lake Line, Taiwan Tourist Shuttle) → Shuishe (round-the-lake bus) → Sun Moon Lake Ropeway → Ita Thao indigenous food (tourist yachts) → Xuanguang Temple → Shuishe

Day 2
Hanbi Hiking Trail (Meihe Garden, Chiang Kai-shek Pier, and Yule Pavilion) → Shuishe (bicycle rentals) → Xiangshan Bicycle Path → Shuishe Dam, Yongjie Tongxin Brodge, Wedding Plaza → Xiangshan Visitor Center (round-the-lake bus) → Shuishe → Homecoming


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