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Indigenous Tribal Tour

Indigenous Tribal Tour

Travel days: 2 Days

Season: All Seasons

Category: Experiential Tour & Indigenous Tours & Religious Tour & Hiking Tour & Family Tour

Tour Focus: The Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village Sun Moon Lake Ropeway Ita Thao Waterfront Hiking Trail Xuanguang Temple Ita Thao Zhulu Market Wenwu Temple Wenwu Temple Hiking Trail


Formosan Aborigional Culture Village has a rich display of Taiwan’s indigenous culture, and it holds singing and dance performances regularly. This is a great place for foreigners to learn about Taiwan’s indigenous culture. Popular entertaining facilities are also nearby, such as a ropeway that takes visitors to Sun Moon Lake.

Along a waterfront hiking trail, visitors can also go to Ita Thao, where they can appreciate the lake area’s unique Ita Thao culture and try indigenous food at Ita Thao Shopping District. They may also watch indigenous dance and singing at Zhulu Market, or take one or two DIY classes.

Wenwu Temple at the mid-hill of Sun Moon Lake worships Emperor Guansheng, Confucius, and Yue Fei. Every year, before major public exams take place, many test-takers come here to ask for blessing. The temple features a 150-meter slope with 366 steps. Each step represents one day in a year. You might want to find your birthday here and see which celebrity shares that day with you. In the back of the temple are “Huabiao” columns and a “Lingxing” gate, with Taiwan’s highest and most imposing religious carvings. They are truly impressive when observed closely.


Public transport, Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, DIY classes, and accommodation


1. We recommend using Sun Moon Lake Pass (combo / popular)
2. The performances at Zhulu Market are not available on Wednesdays. For performance information, please visit the market’s website. Reservations are required for DIY classes. Zhulu Market’s service hotline is: 049-2850036.
3. To ensure your right as a customer, do not purchase tickets from strangers. Only buy tickets at official booths, and make sure to take your tickets from the service staff right away.
4. In case a stranger gets near you, harasses you, or forces you to buy tickets, say no and report them to Nantou County Government’s Tourism Office.
5. Sun Moon Lake is located in a special geological area. In case the county government announces that companies and schools should be closed due to a natural disaster, or that boats should be canceled due to the weather (such as dense fogs, strong winds, or torrential rain), public piers may be closed, and we will ask all boats to stay by the coasts. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
6. The boats are usually available from 7am to 6pm (April - October) during summer time, and 8am to 5pm (November - March) during winter time.
7. Please visit the Nantou Bus website for timetables of Taiwan Tourist Shuttle and lake tours.
8. Please go to Sun Moon Lake Ropeway’s website to check the ticket price. On monthly maintenance days, the ropeway may not be available. Please check this out while planning your trip.


Day 1
Taichung (Taiwan Tourist Shuttle, Sun Moon Lake Lie) → Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village (Taiwan’s indigenous culture, theme-park facilities) → Sun Moon Lake Ropeway → Ita Thao Waterfront Hiking Trail → Ita Thao Shopping District (indigenous food, staying overnight by the lake)

Ita Thao → Electric boat tour (Shuishe, Xuanguang Temple) → Zhulu Market (singing and dance, DIY class (reservation hotline: 049-2850036)) → Sun Moon Lake bus (Wenwu Temple, Nianti Hiking Trail, Lingxing Gate) → Shuishe Shopping District of Sun Moon Lake → Homecoming


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