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Cultural and ecological tour (Two-day tour)

Cultural and ecological tour (Two-day tour)

Travel days: 2 Days

Season: All Seasons

Category: Indigenous Tours & Environmental Education

Tour Focus: The Paper Dome Maopukeng Creek Ecological Park Xuanguang Temple Ita Thao Visitor Center Ita Thao Waterfront Hiking Trail


[Day 1] HSR Taichung Station(Travel by Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Sun Moon Lake Route)→Taomikeng(Paper Dome, An Yun Ecological Pool, Maopukeng Creek Ecological Park, Chocolate DIY)→Shuishe, Sun Moon Lake→Lake tour experience(Xuanguang Temple, Ita Thao)→Overnight in Sun Moon Lake

[Day 2] Ita Thao shopping area→Ita Thao Lakeside Trail, Ita Thao Bike Trail→Shuiwatou (Nine Frog Acrobats statue)→Sun Moon Lake Cable Car→Transfer to Sun Moon Lake Round-The- Lake bus→Shuishe shopping area →Go Home.


Recommended using Sun Moon Lake Water, Land & Air Pass NT790 or Sun Moon Lake E-PASS CONVENIENT TRAVEL TICKET NT780.
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