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2023 Sun Moon Lake Bike Tour Four Seasons Certification Event - Summer


Event time: from 00:00 on April 15, 2023 to 17:00 on July 14, 2023

(a total of 1,500 medals are available and if they are all redeemed the event will end early)

Challenge items: Complete the designated event route independently. Within the Sun Moon Lake sightseeing area, any visitor who spends more than NT$100 in a single transaction can log onto the medal exchange system to get an account number, enter the data of  single consumption certificate, upload the route tracking map (including date, riding time, and the route must be a around the lake), 3 photos of people and vehicles at the designated photo locations, and click “I want to make a reservation to redeem a medal” (reservation accounts are limited to one per person, cannot be shared and reservations to redeem medals cannot be made by a person on behalf of someone else). Before the system redemption period ends bring your ID card and consumption certificate with a personal photo to the Xiangshan Visitor Center to redeem the medal in person, and provide your reservation system account number to the service personnel for verification (no collection and delivery service is provided). Only 1,500 medals are available while stocks last.

Event route: [16 wide-ranging routes - Sun Moon Lake route (around the lake)]

Designated photo locations: participants should take photos at Meihe Garden, Wenwu Temple, and Ita Thao Pier (bicycles and people are required to be in the photo, and the location of the photo must be recognizable as Meihe Garden, Wenwu Temple, and Ita Thao Pier)

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