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Jiji Area

Jiji Area
Jiji Area

When you come to the beautiful small town of Jiji, you will frequently hear the choo choo sounds of the little train traversing in the mountain, see the clean and neat old street, well-planned bike routes and the nostalgic Jiji railway that have been around since the Japanese occupation. One can definitely feel the vibrant and booming lifestyle here. As you bike on the Jiji Bikeway, you may want to visit the following attractions along the way: Jiji Railway Station, Mingxin Academy, Conservation Education Center, Wuchang Temple, and the Eucalyptus Park. Have a relaxing time as you traverse from city streets to lush green landscape.

The mighty tall old eucalyptus trees growing along both sides of the road, intertwine perfectly to create the Jiji Green Tunnel. As you bike along the meandering road surrounded by lush mountain forest, an intermittent breeze and a sudden encounter with the little train are all added surprises for bikers. These experiences will leave precious and beautiful travel memories.

Biking Precautions

  • Please pick bike routes that are suitable for your personal strength and physical condition.
  • Each route will come to a point where it shares the road with other cars, please be sure to follow traffic regulations and signs, and pay attention to your safety.
  • Please prepare riding equipment for the entire trip, i.e. helmet and gloves, and ensure your bike is in good condition before taking the trip.
  • Please pay attention to safety matters during your ride, like braking safely, road conditions and obstacles, etc.
Jiji Area - Cycling Routes

Bikeway Features

  • Enjoy the views of the city and streets along the way
  • Bike on roads shaded by verdant eucalyptus trees
  • Rest pavilions and benches are alongside the bikeway for a quick break.
  • The smooth bikeway is suitable for the whole family.

Various Bikeway Features

Jiji Huanzhen Bikeway
  • Degree of difficulty:★☆☆
  • Starting point: Jiji Railway Station → Minquan Road and Bazhang Road intersection
  • Distance: Approximately 1.8 km
  • Riding time: Approximately 20 minutes

Depart from the simple and nostalgic Jiji Railway Station and bike on Jiji Huanzhen Bikeway. Along the way you may want to stop by to visit the following attractions that are features of the city: Minxin Academy, Conservation Education Center and Wuchang Temple.

Jiji Huanzhen Bikeway
Jiji Green Tunnel
  • Degree of difficulty:★☆☆
  • Starting point: County Road 152 → Linwei Community
  • Distance: Approximately 4.5 km
  • Riding time: Approximately 50 minutes

Jiji Green Tunnel is approximately 4.5 km. The broad road is lined with tall eucalyptus trees on both sides. As you ride in the tree-lined green tunnel, you will encounter the little train running alongside the bikeway. Take a break at the rest pavilion or have a cup of afternoon tea in a café. This trip will allow you to fully enjoy the leisure lifestyle this small town offers.

Jiji Green Tunnel
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