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Shuili and Checheng Areas

Shuili and Checheng Areas
Shuili and Checheng Areas

In the past, the Shuili and Checheng areas were known as Little Taipei. It’s quite a pleasant experience to bike on the Shuili bikeway from Checheng, while passing by Shuili River in the gentle breeze. You can visit the Checheng Wood Exhitbition Hall and Shuili Town, enjoy the gorgeous scenery along Shuili River, and soak in the small town glory from its booming logging industry in the past. The not-too-bumpy bikeway offers a smooth ride with resting pavilions along the way. It’s a classic leisure bikeway with great scenery ideal for families to enjoy.

If visitors want to explore more attractions in Shuili, besides biking on the bikeway to enjoy natural scenery, you can also visit nearby attractions: Mingtan Reservoir, Shuiyun Bridge and Shuili Snake Kiln. These attractions will also allow you to experience the lively and charming lifestyle in Shuili.

Biking Precautions

  • Please pick bike routes that are suitable for your personal strength and physical condition.
  • Some sections of the bikeway connect to roads shared with other cars, so please obey traffic rules and signs, and pay attention to your own safety.
  • Please prepare riding equipment for the entire trip, i.e. helmet and gloves, and ensure your bike is in good condition before taking the trip.
  • Please pay attention to safety matters during your ride, like braking safely, road conditions and obstacles, etc.
Shuili and Checheng Areas - Cycling Routes

Bikeway Features

  • Railroad and water view along the way
  • Rest pavilions along the bikeways
  • Waterplay activities for the family in the summer
  • Explore the logging industry in Checheng and DIY ceramic lessons in Shuili

Various Bikeway Features

Checheng – Shuili Bikeway
  • Degree of difficulty:★★☆
  • Starting point: Checheng Visitor Center → Zhongshan Bridge
  • Distance: Approximately 4 km
  • Riding time: Approximately 40 minutes

Depart from the Checheng Station surrounded by verdant mountains, pass by the nostalgic Checheng town, and Shuiyun Bridge. There is also the crystal clear Shuili River along the Shuili Bikeway.

Checheng – Shuili Bikeway
Shuili Waterfront Bikeway
  • Degree of difficulty:★☆☆
  • Starting point: Shuili Nongfu Road → Shuiyun Bridge
  • Distance: Approximately 1.6 km
  • Riding time: Approximately 15 minutes

The quaint sweet Shuili Waterfront Bikeway is smooth and easy. It reaches the Shuili Riverside Park, and is a great trip to take with the family. Each summer the Shuili Riverside Park holds the Shuili Water Fun Festival for kids to have fun!

Shuili Waterfront Bikeway

Bicycle Service Station

Shuili Service Station
  • TEL: +886-49-2773883
  • Address: No. 440, Minsheng Rd., Shuili Township, Nantou County 553, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Services: Tourists travel inquiry, simple bicycle repair service, bike rental, snacks
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