Bike Tour Route

The road around Sun Moon Lake features magnificent scenery with abundant natural ecology and cultural characteristics. Other than being elected and honored as the world’s top ten most beautiful bikeways in 2012 by CNNGo travel life website under America’s Cable News Network, it is also the only Asian region to be nominated. In 2017, it is further honored as one of the world’s eight most beautiful cycling route by the travel search website of Skyscanner.

Sun Moon Lake Bikeway Introduction

Sun Moon Lake Bikeway – Xiangshan Section

Sun Moon Lake Bikeway – Xiangshang Section

Connecting Shuishe to Xiangshang Visitor Center, where the 400 m long “Overwater Bikeway” along the way further makes one feel as if sailing a boat. Scenic spots along the way include Shuishe Dam, Sun Moon Lake water outlet, Yongjie and Tongxin Bridges, as well as Xiangshang overlooking platform.

  • ◆ Start and end points: Shuishe to Xiangshang Visitor Center
  • ◆ Length: about 3.4 km
  • ◆ Riding time: 30 minutes

Sun Moon Lake Bikeway – Moon Lake Section

Sun Moon Lake Bikeway – Moon Lake Section

With Xiangshang Visitor Center as the origin, go southbound along the south bank of Moon Lake, pass by the Toushe Dam, Crescent Moon Bay to the entrance of around-lake tunnel No.1, where abundant ecology and forest forms vary along the way, especially when overlooking Toushe basin from a high position, such that farmlands and houses appear to be a chessboard arrangement.

  • ◆ Start and end points: Xiangshang Visitor Center to entrance of around-lake tunnel No.1
  • ◆ Length: about 4 km
  • ◆ Riding time: 40 minutes
Toushe Bikeway

Toushe Bikeway

Toushe is a small village located on the southwest of Sun Moon Lake at an altitude of about 640-670m, featuring flat terrain, where the level farmland and green field, the flying egrets and the simple farmhouses form magnificent mountains with fields scenery, such that one may feel refreshed cycling leisurely amongst these.


  • ◆ Start and end points: by Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 21
  • ◆ Length: about 1 km
  • ◆ Riding time: about 8 minutes
Sun Moon Lake Bikeway – Ita Thao Section

Sun Moon Lake Bikeway – Ita Thao Section


  • ◆ Start and end points: Shuiwatou Trail to Sun Moon Lake Ropeway Station
  • ◆ Length: about 3.5 km
  • ◆ Riding time: about 30 minutes
Sun Moon Lake Bikeway – Songbolun Section

Sun Moon Lake Bikeway – Songbolun Section


  • ◆ Start and end points: Songbolun to Dazhuhu
  • ◆ Length: about 1.5 km
  • ◆ Riding time: about 20 minutes
Sun Moon Lake Bikeway – Shuishe Section

Sun Moon Lake Bikeway – Shuishe Section

With Shuishe Pier as the starting point, passing Jiulongkou on the way, an overwater platform is setup here for use as small alfresco performance space due to the gentle terrain. Other than admiring floating fields on water, one may further look into the distant Ci'en Pagoda, as well as mountain system including Qinglong Mountain and Erlong Mountain.

  • ◆ Start and end points: Shuishe Pier to Year of Steps Hiking Trail at Wenwu Temple
  • ◆ Length: about 1.5Km
  • ◆ Riding time: about 20 minutes


Reminders for riding bicycles

  1. Correct riding posture: When both hands grip onto the bicycle handles, the upper body should be tilted slightly forward. The appropriate seat height is that the tip of the toe should be able to touch the ground slightly when sitting on the seat.
  2. Prior to riding, please check whether the operation for the brake handles is smooth, and whether the brake works fine or not.
  3. Please ensure front and rear safety before setting out.
  4. Do not ride with single hand. Please do stop if you want to use your mobile phone or take photos.
  5. Please avoid sudden acceleration, deceleration and change of direction when riding.
  6. Part of the bikeway has a wooden surface; please slow down when the road surface is wet and slippery.
  7. Please slow down when in downhill sections.
  8. The bikeway and the around-lake road are winding, please slow down when coming to curves.
  9. Select to right gear for a relaxed and safe ride.
  10. Please wear a bicycle helmet when riding a bicycle.
  11. The road section at the top of Shuishe Dam is completely made of wooden material, no riding is allowed, please walk the bicycle to get pass this section.
  12. Most trails on both sides of the peripheral road sections from Yongjie Bridge - Tongxin Bridge are downslope curves. Please slow down or walk your bicycle to pass.
  13. Most trails on both sides of the Moon Lake section are downslope curves. No riding is allowed. Please walk the bicycle to pass this section.