The Lalu is located on Sun Moon Lake's Lalu Peninsula. In the past, the building served as Chiang Kai s travel accommodation. With a base area of 10 hectares, the hotel is divided into three buildings: Building ‘A’:houses the guest rooms; Building ‘B’:houses recreation equipment, including the spa, gym, sauna and members club; and Building C houses the villa, meeting rooms, library and parking lot.

The total floor area is 26,690 square metres, or about 8,000 pings. With a total investment cost of NT$1.86 billion, Shining Group spent over five years to complete the reconstruction of The Lalu since purchasing it in 1997. Its new style and features were unveiled to the public on March 3rd, 2002.

The architectural design centres on the themes of utmost simplification of Zen style,and is constructed with four major building materials of wood, stone, glass and iron. Its unique “Ongoing Style” of architecture has impressed the public and already became a model imitated by restaurants, hotels and various personal and business establishments.

Facility information
  • Barrier-free parking lot
  • Barrier-free toilets
  • Wheelchair rental
  • Barrier-free lift
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Last updated date:2019-08-20
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Scenic spot Info
  • Coordinates:
  • 120.90860380000004, 23.8629759
  • Tel:
  • 886-49-2855311
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