Giant Sun Moon Lake Bike Rental Shop

Giant Sun Moon Lake Bike Rental Shop: Global Flagship Store coming to Sun Moon Lake!

In recent years, cycling has sprung up as the hottest hobby in Sun Moon Lake. Since 2008, Giant has teamed up with the administration and opened a global flagship store in the Shuishe. Here, customers can enjoy premium services unavailable elsewhere, such as: rental of bikes of more than NT$150,000 in value, bike GPS system and one key SOS system, and a Lake Trip Completion Certificate (with the seal of the administration and signature from the administration director) will be offered to those completing the lake routes. Shower services and lake bikeway map are available next to the bike rental shop to ensure a wonderful time for cycling lovers seeking either challenges or a relaxing cycling experience.

Service Details:

  1. Deposit required with credit card(NT$18,000 ~ NT$150,000 based on bike models, but fully refundable upon bike return)
  2. NT$200 for all bike models for extended hours (after the second hour) and no extra charge after the fourth hour.
  3. Deposit and rental charge are collected separately and the rental charge is paid after bike return
  4. Bike equipment: safety helmet, top tube saddle bag and bottled water
  5. In-store service: locker, show and resting area

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Last updated date:2018-08-09
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Scenic spot Info
  • Coordinates:
  • 120.91081109994798, 23.866341810006897
  • Tel:
  • 886-49-2856713
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