Xiangshang Visitor Center

The Xiangshang Visitor Center is both for tourism and administration use. The uniquely designed building has wood-patterned exteriors and wings that stretch like human arms embracing the earth. In addition, the two giant canopy structures, 34 meters long and 8 meters tall each, allow people to enjoy beautiful views of the Sun Moon Lake from the top.

【Xiangshang Cafe】
Not only does Xiangshang Café offer lovely views of Sun-Moon Lake, it has a distinctive feature which is the internationally-renowned avant garde building designed by a Japanese architect; the nearby round-the-lake trail is complete and is certain to become a favorite scenic spot for cyclists; adding to its appeal are the building’s lights that by night create a totally different and breathtaking scene and style. Interior design was carried out after discussions with Norihiko Ddan and Associates and also with the assistance of Professor Zhang Zi-long of National Taiwan University of the Arts, the aim being to create a simple-but-fashionable café with a modern style, with main color of the building being white to match the building. The main bar combines glass and light elements, creating a pleasant visual effect. The shop area has an open layout and overturns the disorderly impression that shops often give, increasing the feeling of space and having a simple style. The seats are high-class with a pronounced design feel and the clever use of lights adds interest to the indoor space; as for the outdoor seats, the bright colors create a rich and lively visual effect. The “exterior beauty” of the café alone is captivating; getting to know its “inner beauty” is a really good reason to visit Xiangshang Cafe when you visit Sun Moon Lake.

Facility information
  • Barrier-free parking lot
  • Barrier-free toilets
  • Staircase Handrail
  • Wheelchair ramp
  • Wheelchair charging
  • Wifi
  • Wheelchair rental
  • Nursing Room
  • Umbrella rentals
  • Barrier-free lift
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Last updated date:2018-11-21
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Scenic spot Info
  • Coordinates:
  • 120.90211621753724, 23.851144165473382
  • Tel:
  • 886-49-2855668
  • Opening hours:
  • 09:00-17:00
  • Parking info:
  • Free
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