Cheng Pao Hotel

The Cheng Pao Hotel is located within Puli, Nantou is designed with grandeur. Visitors are greeted with the high ceiling of the lobby, spacious, and stylish decorations and furnishings, and friendly receptionists, welcoming you to your relaxing vacation in the mountain areas of Nantou. The courtyard behind the hotel is designed with rockery that resembles the Fuji Mountain, dancing water fountains, and classic Chinese-styled pavilions. Linger and listen to the occasional sweet melodies for a beautiful memory. The café near the lobby of Cheng Pao Hotel is furnished with unique and luxurious design that includes harmonious color themes. Visitors can taste European meals or try the cuisine prepared by our chefs while chatting away casually with friends.
Check into the Cheng Pao Hotel while traveling in Nantou. Apart from an ideal place to rest, Cheng Pao also combines the culture and art of Puli, exposing you to inspirations for both the mind and the senses. Take a few days off for an intimate encounter with the town of Puli!

Facility information
  • Eco-friendly Hotel
  • Parking lot
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Last updated date:2017-11-21
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Scenic spot Info
  • Coordinates:
  • 120.97432300582841, 23.965140833358458
  • Tel:
  • 886-49-2903333
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