Sun Moon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival

Events in February, March

Aboriginal Cherry Blossom Festival

Recommended Cherry Blossom Viewing Locations

  • Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village
  • National Chi Nan University
  • Ita Thao Trail
  • Ci'en Pagoda Trail
  • Shiangcha Lane of Yuchih Township (Lugao Community)
  • Jinlongshan Trail
  • Youshuei Lane, Jhongming Village, Yuchih Township

This festival has been held every February since 2001. The festival includes a series of events centered on the hundreds of mountain cherry trees which line Sun Moon Lake and the over 2,000 cherry trees in the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village.


The festival has ignited interest in Taiwan, following the Asian tradition of enjoying cherry blossoms in full bloom, and is the largest such festival in central Taiwan.


The Cherry Blossom Festival activities, which are becoming increasingly large-scale by the year, attract tourists from all over Taiwan. They come to view the cherry blossoms and take part in the lively celebrations. In recent years, the sponsored activities have attracted close to 50,000 people. Poets, artists, dancers, and musicians are frequently invited to come, representing the culture and innovation of Sun Moon Lake's Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village. Every year, as part of this festival, an “Evening Cherry Blossom Activity” is sponsored. During this event, a lamplight is placed on each of the cherry trees, creating the romantic and poetic appearance of a colorful cherry blossom veranda. The Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village's large-scale evening cherry blossom festivities have already become one of Taiwan's most popular cultural activities.

The newly famous secret cherry blossom viewing location in the central region is the cherry blossom woods at National Chi Nan University. All one can see on the vast campus taking up an area of 150 hectares are extensive mountains, large grasslands, and plantations as well as buildings which form a picturesque scene. Cultivated behind the College of Management is the 20-hectare cherry blossom woods, with 700 Taiwan Cherry Blossom Trees and 300 Japan Double-Flowered Cherry Blossom Trees, making it the largest cherry blossom woods among universities nationwide.

Starting from 2012, National Chi Nan University has been jointly organizing a Chi Nan University Cherry Blossom Viewing Tea Party with the Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration. Combining “cherry blossoms” with a “Chinese tea ceremony” in the cherry blossom woods through the Cherry Blossom Viewing Event, inviting domestic and international visitors to “admire cherry blossoms, savor quality tea, enjoy picnic fun, and listen to music” under thousands of cherry blossom trees. Savor local quality tea and listen to the pleasant music while admiring the magnificent scenery of the red cherry blossom woods. Enjoy a romantic cozy moment.