Enjoy Dawn at Jinlong Mountain

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Jinlong Mountain of Sun Moon Lake is also known as Chuei-Zih-Liao, while locally known as “Sian-Jha-Jiao”; it is located on a hill by County Road 131, where one may overlook the entire Yuchi basin, and even enjoy Hehuan Mountain Range and Sun Moon Lake from afar when the weather is in good conditions. Photographers passionate about taking photos of sceneries all know about the three main photographic holy lands in Taiwan where one may witness the magnificent sceneries of sunrise and sea of clouds, even though these are located at low altitudes: “Getou in the north, Wucheng in the central, Erliao in the south”, with “Wucheng in the central” meaning “Jinlong Mountain”.


One may overlook Yuchi basin at Jinlong Mountain, and enjoy the overlapping mountains as well as the sea of clouds from afar, especially at the break of dawn, with golden rays sprinkling onto all places in the wood through branches of Calocedrus formosana, where the distant mountains appear to be painted using golden lines, while the wave-like sea of clouds filled with vitality tumble from Sun Moon Lake on the left towards Puli, where the constantly changing sceneries make all photographers capturing the images hold their breath in astonishment.

Travel Light with Butterflies at Puli