Ropeway Information

Sun Moon Lake Ropeway

The Sun Moon Lake Ropeway is manufactured by Austria Dopplemayr (Dopplemayr has been manufacturing and installed in more than 13,850 cable car systems in 79 countries around the world) and is the same type used in the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village since 2001.

  1. Website:
  2. Service hotline:886-49-2850666
  3. Fare: suggested rate: NT$300 round trip pass from Sun Moon Lake to the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village. Note: customers to the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village can take the ropeway for free and no pass purchase is necessary. The price of admission to the village will not increase this year.
  4. Business hours: 10:30 ~ 16:00 during weekdays; 10:00 ~ 16:30 during holidays and weekends.
  5. System specifications:
System data
Originating station Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village (Observation Tower)
Terminal station Sun Moon Lake (near Ita Thao)
Path (absolute distance) 1,877.15m
Total length 1,925.22m
Number of supporting tower 16
Maximum angle of inclination 43° (Limit: 45°)
Maximum tower span 786m
Maximum height above the ground level 128 m (full loading) – 142 m (light loading)
Maximum tower height 58.86m
Height difference on the path 110m
Maximum output power 903Kw
Route capacity 3,000 pph (passengers/hours)
Number of cars 86 8-seater carts
Garage equipment Located at the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village side. (Car dispatching and reception are automatic)
Number of self-propelled emergency rescue vehicle 2
Maximum operating speed 6 m/s(M/S)
Duration per trip (at full speed) 6.8 minutes
Estimated project cost About NT$1 billion (NT$720 million projected in the original plan, but due to price increase in raw materials and depreciation of NTD to EUR, cost soared)

Parking lot capacity

(at Sun Moon Lake Terminal)

28 large sized vehicles and 381 small sized vehicles

Parking lot capacity

(at the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village terminal)

200 large sized vehicles and 6,400 small sized vehicles (please enter through the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village side)

Safety features

  1. Self-propelled emergency rescue vehicles: only 20 ropeway systems in the world have this equipment. Two such vehicles are available at the Sun Lake Ropeway to ensure the safety of passengers and rescue them during emergency.
  2. Hyperextension detection device and over-tension detection device: automatically detects and controls cable tension.
  3. Overspeed output device and overloading detection device: automatically detects motor operations and loading capacity.
  4. Cable detachment detection device: ensures cars entering the station will slow down in the event of cable detachment.
  5. Emergency stop device: automatically stops the ropeway system in abnormal conditions.
  6. Incomplete cable gripping detection device and incomplete cable detachment detection device: automatically detect and initiate rectification procedures in abnormal cable gripping conditions.
  7. Car door open and close detection device: ensures car doors are automatically and securely opened and closed.
  8. Car distance control device: adjusts distance between cars based on number of carts dispatched during operations.
  9. Other: anemometer, speedometer, anti-lightning equipment, security communication equipment, etc., to ensure the comfort and safety of all passengers.
  10. Lightning rods and grounding grids are installed at each tower, and all towers are connected in parallel via lightning prevention wires to reduce grounding resistance to 5 Ohm or lower, which is the same standard adopted for Taipower high voltage towers or THSR railways, to ensure car safety.
  11. Night-time aircraft warning lights are installed on each tower, and three large aircraft warning balls are installed in the section with the longest tower largest span (786 m).
  12. Inclinometers are installed on each tower to detect stability of the tower regularly (maintenance schedule will be updated in case of uncertainty).

Other features

  1. In this ropeway system, the platform height is aligned with that of the car so that passengers of all kinds and the disabled can easily get into the car. The spacious 8-seat space with foldable seats ensures plenty of room for two wheelchairs. 
  2. Ventilation design, including front and rear sky windows, upper and lower sliding windows at the door, and breathable floor slats, will ensure comfort inside the car. 
  3. The automatic car dispatching and reception system with the integrated car garage will ensure proper car dispatching and reception operations and performance safety of the car. 
  4. Solar panels are installed inside the car to power the in-car broadcast communications system, decorations, and illumination functions at night. 
  5. Besides automatic pass examination at the gate, appointment-based passing mechanism is also available. As visitors come from the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village to tour Sun Moon Lake, they can make an advance appointment about their return time and pass through the gate rapidly to take the ropeway back to the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village. 
  6. There is an interval tower 780 m along the ropeway path. To prevent cars from overly swaying, an outward expansion cable gap is preserved in the system design. For this design, the gap of cable control wheels on both sides of the tower arms for the middle tower section (7.3 m) is wider than that in the beginning towers (6.1m) at both ends. This kind of cable expansion design reduces the swaying angle of cars as they pass through the long interval. 
  7. To ensure that passengers can easily get into a car even during high-speed operations (3,000 passengers per hour), the total length of cable detachment and deceleration wheel set (including the U-turn part) is set to 72 m. The required U-turn size at the platform is 42 m in length and 13 m in width, and the station is one of the few large stations that Doppelmayr has ever constructed.

Architectural and environmental features

  1. Reinforced cross ground beams are used in the foundation construction phase and special reinforcement measures (four 25 m deep reinforced steel cable ground anchors are installed at the 8th tower, and 4 12 m deep pit style bases are deployed with the pit-style construction technique at the 4th tower) have been deployed in vulnerable areas to ensure tower safety.
  2. In terms of soil and water preservation for areas surrounding tower bases, earth bags and snake cage nets are deployed to solidify the foundation after soil filling in the construction process. Storm water diversion measures along with deep root, middle depth root, and shallow root plants are also deployed and turf is grown on top of the base to preserve the environment.


Source: Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village Website