Immerse yourself in the industrial culture

Besides the impression of a Chinese landscape painting with mist-laden water and clearly defined levels of mountains, the tourism industry here is also enhanced by numerous growths of different industries.

Black TeaWith similar latitude and growing conditions to India's Assam tea farms, Yuchi has become the main base for the cultivation of Assam tea during the period of Japanese colonization. Taiwan Tea No.7, Taiwan Tea No.8, and Taiwan Tea No.18 are particularly favored.

Timber IndustryChecheng used to be the main place for timber output. From the tour of Checheng Logging Exhibition Hall, established by Checheng Timber Factory, visitors can witness the historical traces of the timber industry. A timber-storing pool is turned into an ecological pool and the shopping center sells a variety of products made with the theme of timber.

Pottery Yuchi, Jiji, and Shuili are well known for their pottery and for the high-quality clay available in early years. Shuili's Snake Kiln, Jiji's Muzih Kiln, Tianxing Kiln, Sheshui Kiln, and Cinshou Kiln are turned into leisure pottery theme parks providing pottery tours and pottery DIY activities.

Black Tea
Wood sculpture DIY activity
Qinshou Kiln

Agriculture Surrounded by Puli the basin group with its abundant water resources, the particular natural conditions in the Sun Moon Lake area have given it numerous unique local products, such as water oats, mushrooms, passion fruits, roses, and orchids.

Handicrafts Owls are considered sacred birds to the Thao aboriginal people. Visitors can find a lot of handicrafts of owls in souvenir shops in the Sun Moon Lake area. Moreover, you can also find the Bunun's rattan products and woven clothes for hunting and daily use. The stone sculpture and wood sculpture both apply the natural materials obtained from Zhuoshui River.

Pulipaper DIY Workshop