Dine on Excursion! Leisure Fun in Taomi – Local Farm Food Mini Tour

1.Tour Duration: Half-day tour

2.Tour Fees: NT$399/person

3.Fees include the following content:

4.Event Program:

Taomi Ecological Village Guide.

50-minute Local handmade food ingredients (pumpkin rice cake, Taomi rice ball).

10-minute Taomi excursion lunchbox DIY.

10-minute Nostalgic snack and local farm produced fruits assembling.

50-minute Guide to community ecological and recreational spots (dragonfly cage, Tongsin Bridge).

60-minute Taomi excursion picnic (various beautiful corners around Taomi).

5.Tour Characteristics:

◆ New Fun in Taomi Ecological Village – On Excursion to Observe Butterflies and Birds

◆ Make Your Own Lunch – Local Food Ingredients with New Culinary Ways (pumpkin rice cake, Taomi rice ball)

◆ Have Fun in Taomi – Perfect Timing on Afternoon of an Autumn Day

Taomi excursion lunchbox DIY.
Leisure Fun in Taomi