Romantic Trip of Finding Love by Eating

Let go of your timidity and travel as the mood takes you: stay and go.

Follow key gourmet meals and find the other holder of the red thread.

Go! And let good things happen along the way!


Romantic Trip of Finding Love by Eating

Suggested Itinerary

Have ice cream at La Bello to pursue good fortune → Ride bikes at Shueishe → Seek love at Longfong Temple → Have another Dragon & Phoenix set course for lunch → Taste pancakes that the First Lady love to get 100 extra points of blessed love → Finding love on the other side of the lake (cruise) → Wonder at Itashao Business Circle → Seek grandmother’s advice at Syuangguang Temple (A-Po Tea Egg) → Looking back suddenly (cruise) → Find love at the dimly lighted Plum Lotus Garden