There are also plenty different biological aspects in Aves, from "Resident birds" to transient "Migrant birds", there are 37 families and 12 species, including ordinary land birds, mountain birds, waterfowls, and diurnal and nocturnal raptors. Thermaling Crested Serpent-Eagles, night horens, and egrets casually hang out on the lakes and other birds are also frequently seen here.


Ging Di Zai | Zosterops japonica

Ging Di Zai

Distribution:Often seen in the forest of the ecological route on the circular road.


Shapes and Features:Black eyeball and a white C- shaped circle around the eye. Its main feature is that most of its back is yellowish green. The area between the throat and the upper chest is yellow; the lower chest to the abdomen is stained white, and from the tail to the down feathers it is also yellow.


Ecological Habit:It is a widespread stationary bird in Taiwan, appearing in the tree zone from plains to low elevations. It frequently shuttles in the trees with a group, eating nectar, fruits, and insects as its main source of food.

She Ying | Spilornis cheela

She Ying

Common Names:She Ying, She Diao.


Distribution:Seen in mountains of middle and low altitudes, it often shelters in the woods and likes to stand still at a high spot with a good view.


Shapes and Features:There is a white stripe across the tail feathers visible in flight. Both the male and the female birds are of the same colors. On its head there is a fan- shaped crest spaced between black and white. It' s dark red at the hind neck and the back; there are some white thin spots on its wings.


Ecological Habit:It originates from Taiwan and is Taiwan's particular Asian species, a widespread stationary bird. A common daytime raptor, it is often seen by itself or with another; the open forest margins in the mountains are its favorite hunting fields. It usually flies with the help of air currents. Not very excellent at flying, it is often chased by small-scaled birds, like crows, even though it is a raptor. When you hear " hu-hu-huliu-huliu", that is it hovering in the air with the currents.