【2019 Timeless Love at Sun Moon Lake Double Celebration】 – New Year’s Eve
Endless surprises!
Exciting activities are held from Christmas to New Year’s Eve everyday

  • Stunning evenings highlighted by dazzling light shows!
(Meihe Park, 2018/12/22-2019/01/01 20:00-22:00)
At the light show, the latest check-in destination in Sun Moon Lake, there are also live performances by resident singers, creating a marvelous, energetic vibe!
  • Frog Carnival Market(Meihe Park, 2018/12/29-2019/01/01)
There are over 20 stalls offering creative delicacies, handicrafts and eco-friendly agricultural products! Come and discover its hidden treasures~
  • Christmas Eve Carol
The heavenly voice of children conveys happiness from the Christian Church to the  Shuishe Pier.
Time Program Venue
18:30-18:50 Chapel of Christ: Singing Christmas carols  Christian Church
18:50-20:00 Christmas music performance Meihe Park
20:00-21:00 Meihe Park- Yule Pavilion Line of Happiness- Teachers' Hostel- The Lalu-The Wen Wan Resort-Mingsheng St.- Spreading the gospel at Shuishe Pier Gospel route
21:00 Individual lunch meals are distributed, after which the event comes to a close.  

  •  Christmas Only – Candy Cane Band!
【Christmas music festival at the pier】
Children from Kids Alive perform Christmas songs with their pure, heavenly voices. Receive a small surprise gift after completing the mission!
【Celebrating Christmas at Christian Church】
Take magnificent photos! The Christian Church will be open on Christmas, and participants can receive small Christmas gifts!
Time Program
15:00 Candy Cane Band live performance
15:15 Kids Alive children’s Christmas song performance
15:20 Angel’s gift: Complete the “take photo and check-in” mission assigned by the angel to receive a copy of the children’s Christmas book. Only while supplies last!
15:25 Angel’s footprints: Follow the angel’s procession and take the 3-minute walk to the Christian Church to join in the celebration.
15:30 Take beautiful photos at the historical church
15:35 Classic Christmas medley 
15:45 Story of candy cane
15:50 Christmas blessing
16:00 Christian Church – Christmas gifts
【Joyful Evening X Embracing First Light – 2019 Timeless Love New Year’s Eve event】 
  • Sun Moon Lake Double Main Event Fireworks Concert
Singers will take to the stage to liven up the atmosphere with their beautiful voices and romantic songs, welcoming the arrival of 2019!

Ita Thao Pier(2018/12/31)
Time Program
19:00-19:30 Zhulu Market Chu-Yin Culture and Arts Troupe
19:35-20:10 Fanfu Music Culture Troupe
20:15-20:55 One Million Star – Ssu-ting Kang
21:00-21:35 Listening to the Beauty of Taiwan Music Culture Group
21:40-22:10 Singer Chu-shan Pai
22:15-22:45 Na Lu Ke Band
22:50-23:20 Singer Yen-chin Liu
23:25-00:15 FTV’s Taiwan No. 1 talent competition champion – Yen-mei Tien
Meihe Park(2018/12/31)
Time Program
19:00-20:10 129 Band
20:15-21:25 2D Band
21:30-21:55 Ming Ming Clown
22:00-20:50 One Million Star – Ssu-ting Kang
22:55-00:15 Singer Chu-shan Pai

  • Splendid fireworks show
2019/01/01 00:00-00:08 (Totaling 480 seconds)
The picturesque lakeside scenery is complemented by resplendent fireworks to celebrate the start of a wonderful new year!
Best vantage points: Meihe Park, Shuishe Pier, Ita Thao Pier, Chaowu Pier, Wenwu Temple Square.
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