Nostalgia Tour for the Railroad Fan

Nostalgia Tour for the Railroad Fan (with Sun Moon Lake-Checheng Pass)

Day 1:

Jiji Train Station → Endemic Species Research Institute → Mingxin Academy → Back to Jiji Train Station to rent bicycle → Green Tunnel → Shitoushan Stairway to Heaven → Round-the-town Bikeway → Wu-Chang Temple → Jiji Old Street


Day 2:

Ride the train from Jiji to Shuili → Shuili Snake Kiln → Erping Shan Popsicle→ Shuttle bus → Checheng → Train ride home from Checheng

Jiji Train Station

Jiji Train Station:

Built in 1933, the building itself is the most distinct of the remaining Japanese residential style station made entirely of hinoki. The classic, simple appearance was repaired after the 921 Earthquake with computer simulation technology from Japan. The result not only preserved the essence of the old station, but became a must-see tourist spot in the Jiji area.

Endemic Species Research Institute

Endemic Species Research Institute:

The only research institution to survey, protect, preserve, and educate about plants and animals unique to Taiwan. The hall houses preserved specimens of species unique to Taiwan, an interactive media zone and special exhibitions. Outside are eco-education areas and a butterfly house totaling 3.5 hectares for visitors to experience.

Mingxin Academy

Mingxin Academy:


Located by Yung-Chang Primary School in Jiji Township, the Mingxin Academy is a grade-three historic monument. A courtyard house in its most primitive form, the Academy is filled with a historic and scholarly air. The Academy had been dedicated to Wenchang Dijun, Cangjie, and Zhu Xi, among other sages dating back to the Guangxu era in the Qing Dynasty. In the past it was where the children of the farmer’s would study and practice calligraphy. The traditional farmer artifacts displayed by the Academy is a testament of the simplicity of their lives.

Green Tunnel

Green Tunnel:


Located between Mingjian Township and Jiji Township, the green tunnel spans 4.5 km and runs alongside Highway 16. Lined on both sides by over one thousand camphor trees, the bikeway is covered overhead by dense foliage, forming a unique sight. A scenic railway track runs along the side. The train moving by slowly adds a poetic feel to the scene, which has become a favorite photo spot of newly-weds and an excellent place to ride the bicycle.

Shitoushan Stairway to Heaven

Shitoushan Stairway to Heaven:

Located by the Jiji weir, marked by four characters meaning “trail blazing” carved into the stone. The stairs total 650 steps for a 130m increase in elevation. Along the stairs there are resting platforms, where one can see remnants of military tunnels. With rising elevation come a better view. The view from the peak is awe-inspiring.

Wu-Chang Temple

Wu-Chang Temple:

The hub of local resident faith, the temple sunk partially after the 921 Earthquake. The temple organization decided to keep the damaged temple as is and build a new Wu-Chang Temple.

Jiji Old Street

Jiji Old Street:

Come here for dinner, and along the way, experience the atmosphere of the old street. Local delicacies such as the cute train ticket cookies in an assortment of flavors; the crisp, made-to-order banana egg rolls; and the delicious Jiji Giant Horned Bread, among others.

Shuili Snake Kiln

Shuili Snake Kiln:

Founded in 1927, the kiln is long, and looks like a snake from far away, hence the name Snake Kiln. As the rise of the plastic industry impacted the ceramics industry greatly, the snake kiln transitioned into an educational ceramic cultural park that combines local specialties, lifestyles, culture, art, and tourism. It is also the oldest, most traditional wood-fired kiln in Taiwan.

Erping Shan Popsicle

Erping Shan Popsicle:

Erping Popsicles was created more than 30 years ago. Originally produced by the store at the power plant owned by Taipower, the popsicles have a unique taste due to the purity of the local water supply. It has since become the place to try traditional popsicles for nearby elementary school kids on field trips and tourists from all over.



Checheng is the last station on the Jiji line, and is surrounded by the mountains and the crystal-clear waters of Shuili River. Named the most beautiful little station, Checheng exudes the prosperity of the former logging town. The log basin, crane and the forestry exhibition all combine with the railroad culture and lumber industry to renew the nostalgic trend. Here you can experience the fun of being a carpenter for a day, and take the completed work home with you.