Low Carbon Water-Land-Air Tour

Low Carbon Water-Land-Air Tour (with Sun Moon Lake Water-Land-Air Pass)

Day 1:

Take the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle (Nantou Bus) to Shuishe → Rent bicycle → Shuishe Dam → Xiangshang Bikeway → Xiangshang Visitor Center → Yue Tan Bikeway → Toushe Community → Toushe Basin → Toushe Reservoir → Longfeng Temple → Shuishe


Day 2:

Maolan Mountain Sunrise → Take the Round-the-Lake Bus → Ita Thao → Cable Car Station → Ita Thao Pier → Xuanzang Temple → Take a boat back to Shuishe → Return Home

Xiangshang Bikeway

Xiangshang Bikeway:

The Xiangshang Bikeway is situated between the Shuishe and Xiangshang visitor center, with 400m of it running over the water. It is the first bikeway that runs over the water at Sun Moon Lake and offers a beautiful open view. Points of interest such as Ci’en Pagoda and Lalu Island can be seen in the distance. The Shuishe Dam and the Yue Lao Shrine in the Longfeng Temple are just along the way.

Shuishe Dam

Shuishe Dam:

The view from the wooden boardwalk along the shore is one of the glimmer of the water, the glimpses of the mountain through the mist, and the glitter of the reflection of the starry night sky upon the lake. It is a view that makes one relaxed and content.

Shuishe Dam

Shuishe Dam:

Designed by famous Japanese architect, Dan Norihiko, the half-building-half-landscape design serves as a stage for dialogue between man and nature. Enjoy local Taiwanese coffee and the famous “director tea egg” or tea jelly in the coffee shop next to the visitor center, accompanied by the beautiful view of the lake and mountains.

Xiangshang Viewing Platform

Xiangshang Viewing Platform:

This 10m tall cantilever viewing platform with a design inspired by the Thao symbol, the pestle, has a special structure made of steel that can support 10 people. An example of the structural beauty of engineering, the cantilever gently slopes upward as it approaches Sun Moon Lake from the shore to provide a better view. The surface of the platform is built with metal grids to let the visitor experience the excitement of walking atop the trees and the waters of Sun Moon Lake. The view extends to Lalu Island, the Hanbi Peninsula and the beautiful scenery beyond.

Yue Tan Bikeway

Yue Tan Bikeway:


With the Xiangshang visitor center or the Yue Tan tunnel as the starting point and extending to the Round-the-lake Tunnel 1, the Yue Tan bikeway is surrounded by a diverse forest and ecosystem. When seeing the Toushe Basin in the distance from high up, the farms and houses form a chessboard pattern, like a scene from the Peach Blossom Spring paradise as described by Tao Yuanming.

Toushe Basin

Toushe Basin:

The Toushe basin, nicknamed mambo farms, bounces and jumps. Experience the dancing of the earth.

Longfeng Temple

Longfeng Temple:

“The passion is strong under the moon. I decide whose fate to tie together with the red string.” Open your hands and hold the red string tied to destined love in your hands. The Yue Lao Shrine is famous for making a wish of romance come true. Originally located on Kuanghua Island (now Lalu Island), the Yue Lao Shrine fell in the 921 Earthquake and was later moved to and rebuilt at Longfeng Temple.

Maolan Mountain

Maolan Mountain:

A winding path leads up along the black tea terrace, flanked on both sides by the famous Assam tea. The tea research and extension station plateau is situated by the mountain facing the lake. It is the best location to take in the sunrise, sea of clouds and the morning mist at Sun Moon Lake. Escorted by the chirping of the insects and the birds, the hike to the peak is rewarded with the view of the mountains Chiufenershan and Jiji Dashan and the magnificent scenery of Sun Moon Lake.