Glorification of Sun Moon Lake

Riyuetan fengguang - Tang, Lung-Tsai

To glorify Sun Moon Lake, the most famous scenic spot in Nantou County, I toured here by driving from Chu Shan to search for the best beautiful spots along the lake, and eventually selected Lalu Island as a focus with an extension to Ci En Pagoda for my painting which was done in two-day work from first draft to the final work. I would like to share this work with you in hopes of stimulating the great mass fervor for tour in Sun Moon Lake.

Tang, Lung-Tsai

size:52.5 x 135 cm

Zhu tan ying yue - Chien, Ming-Shan

A poem titled "Moon Reflecting on the Lake" by Chen Shih-lieh who was the first county magistrate in Yunlin County in the fourth year of the Kuang Hsu Emperor: The vast lake bringing a magnificent scene, the lake being surrounded by the mountains leading to a broad view, moonlight reflecting the sierra on the lake, warm light reflecting shines on rocks.


Lotus with dew heralding the coming of the summer, bamboos in array under the clouds giving to feeling of coolness, the beginning of the chaotic world turning into the cosmos, the lake out of the valley giving a view in the mirror.

Chien, Ming-Shan

Size:32.5 x 138.5 cm

Chun hui dadi - Chen, Chiang-Hung

Bougainvillea, also known as triangle plum or South American purple jasmine, is an evergreen botany which is heat and cold resistant as well as strong in strong tillering, vigorousness and long in flower season. What I can recall back to my childhood when having a tour to Sun Moon Lake where I always loved to play in the garden located in the mountain behind the Teacher Hostel. There appeared lush growth of bougainvillea crawled on the pergola, with its full blossoms dancing and toosing in breeze that added its charms. A revisit to Sun Moon Lake today, I feel pleased to find the reborn aspect of the familiar old scenes after the massive 9-21 quake, a consoled scene just like flowers coming into bloom again to embrace the spring which returns to the good earth once more that consoles and touches me.

Chen, Chiang-Hung

size:52.5 x 135 cm

Zaochen - Liao, Shu-Lin

Beside the bank of Sun Moon Lake, there grows cherry and plum blossoms which echo each other that naturally adds the splendor to the lake and perfectly serves as the best subject of painting.


In artistic creation, Sun Moon Lake is one piece of picture per se, with the fragrance emitted from the white plum blossoms in early morning that further makes it a fairyland where fishers shuttle back and forth and creates a land which is away from the turmoil of the world.

Liao, Shu-Lin

size:35 x 101 cm