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MingTan 3 Mountains Certification

Rules of Certification

Period of Certification: 2020/7/10~2020/9/30
3 steps of Certification:

Have a “certification passport” or a “certification passport cover”(mobile version is available) on hand
And take photos at the designated places in “Mt. Maolan”, “Mt. Houjian” and “Shuishe Great Mountain”
Upload to the following website and you can participate in the certification! (At least 2 of the mountains are required)

Exclusive gifts for certification

Exclusive gift 1

  • The first 500 certified hikers will receive an exclusive wooden badge of honor for completing the challenge
  • which is customized with the hiker’s name by laser carving
  • Exchange location: Atunas Taiwan Outdoor Center
  • Tel: +886-49-2861723
  • Add: No.18, Chonggui Ln., Yuchi Township, Nantou County 555, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Each person can exchange one badge only

Exclusive gift 2

  • After the end of the activity on 30th Sep., a number of gifts will be given by online lottery to those lucky ones.

Routes of Certification

Introduction of certified photo spots

MingTan 3 mountains - Mt. Maolan

1020 m above sea level
Hiking trip: 2.8 km in length, about 2 hours round trip
Starting from Arai Kokichiro's monument, the father of tea-leaf in Sun Moon Lake, winding up along the black tea stairs, you will see the tea garden scenery, Japanese-style dormitories, ancient tea factory, Ceylon-olive Elaeocarpus trail and Taiwan cedar trees. Insects and birds sing all the way. At the peak, there’s the Sun Moon Lake Weather Station, the 3rd highest in Taiwan, which is the best place to view the Jiufen mountains, Jiji Great Mountain and Puli basins.., etc. All the wonderful views can be taken in at a glance.

  • Certified photo spot

MingTan 3 mountains - Shuishe Great Mountain

2059 m above sea level
Hiking trip: 5.5 km in length, about 8 hours round trip
Standing at the east of Sun Moon Lake, Shuishe Great Mountain is at its first position among “MingTan 4 Beautiful Spots.” Starting from the Youth Activity Center of Sun Moon Lake, you can deeply feel the varied forest landscape by walking through the broad-leaf forest, Mao bamboo forest and Taiwan Rhododendron forest. The beautiful Monotropa uniflora can be seen along the way, as well as the lake and the mountains from different angles at the landscape viewing platforms.

  • Certified photo spot

MingTan 3 mountains-Mt. Houjian

1008 m above sea level
Hiking trip: 1.2 km in length, about 1.5 hours round trip
Located south of the Toushe basin, Mt. Houjian stands firmly and straight. The trail begins from the Toushe Buddhist Hall and it offers a challenging walk at last. Standing at the summit, you can view the lake, Jiji Great Mountain and Zhuoshui River, that locals call "Wang Gao Liao Lookout Point.” It has rich ecology along the way and has one of the world's three rare peat soil basins at the foot of the mountain. When dancing on the basin, you can feel the vibration from the earth, shaking like a mambo dance. Toushe basin is rich in loofah, white radish, orange day lily and other high-quality agricultural fruits. Farmers are committed to providing safe products and thus Toushe is given the title of “Green Platinum Quality Rural Area.”

  • Certified photo spot

  • Please note that the photos must either be taken with the Sun Moon Lake Event Booklet or Mobile Official Webpage in order to qualify for the certification.

Safe Hiking

  1. 1
    No matter which route you choose, you should be led by a guide
  2. 2
    Have appropriate equipment (clothing, shoes, hat, dry food, road map, flashlight, personal medicine, etc.)
  3. 3
    Stay on an existing path in order to avoid getting lost and to reduce the environmental damage
  4. 4
    Follow the road signs. If there is no sign, try not to leave unnecessary signs.
  5. 5
    Be aware of foggy weather and showers in summertime, and the slippery roads in winter.
  6. 6
    It’s breeding season of hornets from June to November. They can be frightened easily and sting people. Be careful.
  7. 7
    It is strictly prohibited to walk away from the trail, take shortcuts or leave the team behind too far.
  8. 8
    Cooking by fire is strictly forbidden in the mountains to avoid forest fires.
  9. 9
    Please don't litter and take it with you until you leave
  10. 10
    Stay calm when lost, avoid moving quickly at night, keep your energy and keep your mobile phone on

“Mayday” tips from mobile phone

Step 1:

Enable GOOGLE Map app

Step 2:

Click on your current location

Step 3:

Share your location

Step 4:

Send to your emergency contacts