Accessible Tour Map

Sun Moon Lake Recommended Accessible Routes

Recommended Accessible Routes

Taichung-Sun Moon Lake Nantou Bus Co. Accessible Bus(Reservations required;weekends only)

Taichung, Gancheng Station→Taichung Railway Station→ Daqing Railway Station→Taichung Airport→High Speed Rail Taichung Station→Puli Visitor Center→New Era Sculpture Park→Puli Brewery→Puli→National Chi Nan University→Taomikeng (Paper Dome)→Dayan (Seshui)→Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village→Yuchi→Antique Assam Tea Farm→Shuishee, Sun Moon Lake→Shuishee→Xiangshan Visitor Center


Shuishee-Ita Thao Accessible Yachts(Reservations required):

Shuishee Wharf→Xuanguang Wharf→Ita Thao Wharf→Shuishee Wharf


Xiangshan Trail and Bikeway(Shuishee-Xiangshan):

Shuishee, Sun Moon Lake→Xiangshan Visitor Center


Sun Moon Lake Round-the Lake Accessible Bus

Shuishee Wharf→Zhaowu Wharf→Bamboo Rock Park→Wenwu Temple→Songbolun Trail→Dazhuhu Trail→Shuiwatou Trail→Sun Moon Lake Cable Car→Ita Thao Wharf→Ita Thao→Tutingzai trail→Xuanzang Temple→Xuanguang Temple Wharf


Sun Moon Lake Ropeway(Cable Car)

Sun Moon Lake Cable Car→Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village Station


Checheng Map

Guide Dog Rest Station: Checheng Visitor Center

Accessible Restroom: Wood Museum, The Grove Shopping District, Railway Square, Checheng Railway Station

Accessible Parking: Checheng Winery


Shuishee Map

Accessible Elevator: Shuishee Wharf

Accessible Restroom: Zhaowu Wharf, Zhongxing Parking, Longfeng Temple

Accessible Parking: Zhongxing Parking, Zhaowu Wharf